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I Want To Eat Better

Welcome To The Health Hub Where You Get To Uplevel Your Health & Body!

Empowering You To Find The Secrets To A Healthy Body and Mind!

Level 10 Health Hub

Welcome to our Hub

Our exclusive monthly metabolic membership program puts you in direct contact with an expert in health and fitness to help you keep losing the fat, ditch the diets, and revitalize your health for good.

“There is no better day than today for us to give up who we have been for who we can become.”

– Anonymous

Level 10 Health Hub

Why Join Us here?

Boost Your Nutrition

Get started discovering the dos and dont’s of proper nutrition. By increasing your nutrient content, you can change your body, overcome health obstacles, and increase your energy!

Mindset Training

Breakthrough the old beliefs holding you back from staying on track toward your goals. Set new attainable goals that are easy to follow and will push you to your transformation.


There is a better way to get healthy and doing it with friends and support is key to your success! With weekly group coaching, you can share successes, and roadblocks, & get your questions answered, etc.

Level 10 Health Hub Client Love


Helps Me Be aware of everyday habits. Accountability. Support. Help from others.

Ione G. Idaho

Good tips on how to get yourself motivated!

Kaitlyn J. Idaho

Level 10 Lifestyle!

Are you ready to feel like a 10? 

You may be feeling like a 5 or even a 3… but my friend, you don’t need to stay feeling this way.

Maybe you want to be a 10 in your body? 

Maybe you wished you were a 10 at work?   

How about in your marriage?  Do you feel like your marriage is a 10?    

This membership uses some of the strategies from the book “The Miracle Morning.”      

When you add in health hacks… this membership is a powerhouse!       

If you want to feel like a 10 in all areas of your life, it is time to LEVEL UP and

BECOME a Level 10!      

Try Out The Hub On Me! Lets Talk!

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You Deserve Better

In this program, we are changing our lives together through simple mindset changes, professional coaching, and proven techniques.

Daily challenges to conquer eating wins in the first 30 days!  Follow the exact proven strategy to see results fast! 

Challenge continues monthly so no giving up for you!  You will continue to up-level your health, body, and mindset to be a 10!  

Weekly coaching calls.

In-Person Mastermind 2x per year!  Let’s chill and talk and have some fun together! 

Weekly Training Modules


Years Personal Trainer


Pounds Lost 18 Years Ago


Years of Experience in Health & Wellness